A New Advanced Massage and the dynamics to achieving Complete Wellness – 1000’s have benefited. The founder Panayiota Lazaris with over 3 decades experience in the field of massage continues to offer her services and now, will also share her knowledge and techniques on her methods she has devised through workshops and academic courses.


These new unique techniques were developed over a process of 3 decades, since 1992. One of the inspirations of Anatripsis came from Ancient Greece and the work and writings on massage by Hippocrates.

Anatripsis is an intense therapeutic powerful massage that relieves pain and stress symptoms and works as a preventive to illness; also inducing, deep relaxation. This massage method realigns the body and calms the mind and emotions and has effective results from the first session.

What makes this massage unique?

It is in the style, pressure and angling of the techniques, accompanied by the beautiful choreography of the sequence and rhythm. The therapist is trained to sense her way through the body and find the imbalances – thereafter, one of the asset techniques of Anatripsis, ‘Fine Tuning’ is applied to remove all the toxins and tension. And as Anatripsis is given, the therapist implements strong intensions of energy and care.

Benefits of Anatripsis:

  • Therapeutic
  • Detoxifying
  • Restorative and Rejuvenating
  • Relaxing and Calming
Suitable for all ages


In the first session of Anatripsis, one will experience some pain as the first layer of tension is removed. This will improve the blood circulation and the lymphatic system instantly. More blood and oxygen are pushed to the muscles and skin, thus improving muscle tone and softening hard stiff muscles.

A new deep sense of relaxation and calmness occurs because the tension has been properly eliminated.

All the muscles and organs detoxify and the body realigns itself. A few days will be needed for this readjustment. For some, the detox may be strong. For others, it may be a gentle cleansing and pass without notice – this all depends on how much stress the individual has.

From there on, the body starts the process of finding balance. In the next sessions of Anatripsis the pain becomes less and less, until there is no pain at all.

One is then able to go into even more deeper levels of relaxation through Anatripsis, which will teach the body to adapt to a peaceful feeling within and bring clarity to thoughts. Eventually, one will experience this peaceful feeling of calmness through stressful situations and not be affected but instead handle any problem in a positive calm manner.