Born and brought up in Jersey C.I., Panayiota Lazaris has returned to her native home in Cyprus where she now lives. When Panayiota discovered her gift she followed her path with passion and determination.

Now for 20 years she has specialised in massage and other complementary therapies.

Panayiota began her massage début at the Four Seasons Hotel in Cyprus as ‘A’ Masseuse and received honourees from the hotel that acclaimed her the position of Massage Trainer and Supervisor.

She later went on to opening her own centre ‘Ancient Wisdom’; where she also organised various self development courses and run a retail shop selling health care products. She then went on to establish herself in a medical clinic where she believed is the rightful place for Anatripsis.

Currently she continues to work at the clinic while at the same time she has completed the writing of two books on Anatripsis – a public and an academic edition.

She has had various articles in newspapers and frequently demonstrates Anatripsis on television – and has also done talks on radio to advice listeners for better well being.

Her life experiences, her passion and dedication to the field of massage has brought her to great understanding towards the philosophy of emotions and the energy anatomy of the human body. She now passes this knowledge through workshop and the professional Anatripsis Therapy course.


‘Maestro of Muscles’
–Sunday Mail

‘Master Masseuse; ‘she has been blessed with a true gift’
–Calm Magazine

“This is a massage with a difference! If you want your ‘knots untied’, your creases ‘ironed out’ and your muscles and tendons taken apart and put back in the right place, Panayiota is your girl.”
–Dr. Janet Buck-Stylianaki