• 1⁄2 hr – €40
  • 1 hr – €70

For each individual it will differ – some improve from the first session while others need three sometimes ten therapies. It all depends on the amount of tension and stress stored in the body. And how open the individual is in getting better. This applies even with chronic conditions; they too can benefit from early stages of Anatripsis.

There is no set rule for how many Anatripsis Therapy sessions one can have or has to have. Some take extremely quickly to Anatripsis and results are incredible. You do not have to be unwell to have Anatripsis as it also is for relaxation and can work as a preventative towards illness.

No it can vary, the body guides the therapist to where it is needed, as one becomes better and free of tension then the techniques can completely change to adapt to the changes undergoing the receiver. When one completely is pain free then the client can move onto the other levels of Anatripsis.