Therapist Bio.

Panayiota Lazaris – Specialist in Massage and Founder & Instructor of Anatripsis Therapy.

For 3 Decades P Lazaris has been practicing massage and other complementary therapies. She has received honourees in her time spent working at a top spa hotel which took her onto position of Massage Trainer and Supervisor. She later went on to opening her own center; where she also organized various self-development courses and run a retail shop selling natural health products. Due to the many good results of treating ailments and other body disorders with Anatripsis, she later established herself in medical clinics. She has published her book on Anatripsis Therapy both on Amazon and Kindle.

Panayiota has also had various articles in newspapers and magazines and has frequently demonstrated and talked about Anatripsis on television and radio. She now inspires to pass on this knowledge through her courses and workshop, and is currently writing, Anatripsis Therapy Uncut, which pays tribute to her 30 years practicing her method.


‘Maestro of Muscles’
–Sunday Mail

‘Master Masseuse; ‘she has been blessed with a true gift’
–Calm Magazine

“This is a massage with a difference! If you want your ‘knots untied’, your creases ‘ironed out’ and your muscles and tendons taken apart and put back in the right place, Panayiota is your girl.”
–Dr. Janet Buck-Stylianaki