Anatripsis Therapy – Professional Course


Anatripsis Therapy is a CPD (Continual Professional Development training) approved course by a leading professional association CThA (Complementary Therapists Association) who are based in the U.K.

The requirements for students who wish to participate in this advanced training must hold a qualification in Anatomy and physiology, Business Studies, Level 3 – Basic Massage. Please enquire for our listing of resources where these courses can be taken before attending Anatripsis Therapy.


Anatripsis will greatly enhance your practise, by combining this method with what you already know, it can bring better results in the recovery of your clients/patients health and wellbeing. It will have a quick dynamic effect in achieving the release of pain and bring the body back to homeostasis.

Whatever your profession is in the field of healing, Physiotherapy – chiropractitioner, beauty or spa therapists – Osteopaths – Doctors – complementary therapists of any kind even other types of massage practitioners, Anatripsis is suitable and works well with all. It will upgrade your services but most definitely and more importantly will bring satisfactory to your patients/clients, which in return brings them back and/or brings in more recommendations.

It is especially advised for those who have already learnt only basic massage, if you wish to take massage deeper and really help people with their ailments or other health issues then Anatripsis Therapy is your answer to advance your knowledge.

Anatripsis Therapy will teach you to;
• Improve your skills
• Learn new advanced techniques
• Learn therapeutic side of Massage
• Become better Professional therapist and an expert in Massage
• Be taught to sense your way through the body and find and remove toxins
• Learn the dynamics of Health

15 day Intensive course, with a one month break in-between each 5 days. This level will teach all the all the techniques and sequence of Anatripsis Therapy full body. And how to apply the pressure and will be taught how to sense your way through the body and bring it to balance. Theory work is also included; the full History of Massage, The Development of Anatripsis and The Dynamics of Health. It will be followed by two examinations, both in practical and theory. Case studies will also be a part of the examination grades.

Level 2 will cover more even challenging advanced techniques where it will teach how to work serious specific health problems such as spinal disc and nerve problems. These techniques will show how to help people avoid surgery and how to massage someone who has just received surgery. The theory work is based on Energy Anatomy. Again two examinations will follow in practical and theory.
(Please note at this stage the Anatripsis students are advised to participate in Anatripsis D.I.Y. Healing Tools, which will help develop them but also to help their clients).

Level 3 requires for students to have completed both full courses of Level 1 and 2 of Anatripsis Therapy. It will also require a considerable amount of hours of practise (to be notified how many hours). To participate, Anatripsis Therapists will also require a qualification in a Teacher Training Course.

This workshop focuses on methods to help discover emotional blockages and release them, it is packed with exercises that will also teach the individual to cope and reduce stress and help them reach their goals. (This is also a beneficial workshop for all Anatripsis Therapists that will help them develop as therapists and also be able to help their clients even more).

(Please contact us for any further information you may require – Thank you).